Be courageous

To be curageous will enables us to reach our goals and overcome blocks on the way to it.

We define the meaning of courage and then apply it to the situations of our life.


Courage is the ability to control your fear in a dangerous or difficult situation.


To be curageous we need to go beyond understanding the theoretical meaning of courage. We actually have to be aware of courage in the present moment to teach our brain and body to be curageous when whe need it.

We further need to understand when too much or not enough courage is applied we will stray from our goal of beeing curageous.

To achieve a stable experience of courage we developed a process that will help you apply courage in any life situation.


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Courage Redefined

We all heard about courage. We all were at least once courageous in our lifes. We may witnessed courage without the need to name it.

Courage is the base of any positive action. Applying courage again and again to our life situations will increase the chance of positive rewarding experiences.

To have courage in our life, we define courage first. This will enable us to conciously apply courage to the challenges we face.